Dealing With Acne Prone Skin

For years I have had to deal with acne. It drives me mad, I can never get perfect 100% makeup cause there are always so many imperfections on my face. I have acne since 14 years of age and at the age of 19 I thought I would have clearer skin by now...But no. I still get really bad breakouts. I have sensitive skin and if I discover a new product within a few days of trying it I have had a reaction. Sometimes I will admit it gets me down. I get really spotty during my periods, but i guess most people do.

Well at the start of the new year I decided to have a strict skincare routine, and drink about 5 glasses of water, I tried 8 as recommended but to be honest I just needed to go the bathroom more. Haha. Not very practical. So I researched some products and I went out and purchased them.

The first product I bought was Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion, It was €23. Which is reasonable for a 200ml bottle. I apply it every morning and evening and have been using it for 3 weeks, and  I have noticed the difference, my skin is more even in tone and the blemishes have cleared. I still have a few soar ones on my chin, but hopefully they will disappear in time.

Next I Use Vichy Normaderm Anti Imperfections Cream. I love this product. It has made my huge pores smaller and has cleared blemishes and acne scaring. Its €9 for a 40ml tube. Not too expensive, as it last around 2 months. I use this Morning and Night. 
When I did my Makeup Course in College my teacher taught me the importance of exfoliating. It removes all the dead skin cells. I have been using Soap and Glory Flake Away. It makes my face so smooth and I generally do this once a week.  This product is not designed for the face, However as a member of the sensitive skin group I have not had any irritation. This is around €11. The Tub is huge and will last you ages.

Lastly for that quick fix of clearing or reducing the size and redness. I have used every product you can think off. Clean and Clear its rubbish, Clearasil made my skin burn and left it red. I have found the perfect product and it no other than good old fashioned sudocrem. I apply this in the night. and i either put a towel over my pillows or use a spare blanket and put it over them as the sudocrem will stain them. I wake up in the moring and the spot has reduced in redness and size. Works like magic.
I hope you found this helpful. You dont have to rush out and buy these products just cause they have worked for me. If you have any great tips or products let me know. 
Lauren xoxo

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