Yet Again, Great Products From Lee Stafford

If any you know me, then you would know, I'm obsessed with Lee Stafford. I literally have all his hair products, except for the stuff for blonde hair, cause that would be pointless. I have his straighteners and hair dryer which by the way are simply amazing. I just adore his stuff. From the smell to the Quality. I can't find no faults.

Anyway I recently bought two of his new products. There was an offer in Boots for Two For €12 on all Lee Stafford products. I couldn't resist. So I purchased Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Spray and the new Dry Shampoo for dark hair.

Starting with The 'Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Spray'. This stuff really does work. You spritz on wet/damp uncombed hair and then comb as usual. I have found that I would spend at least 6 Minutes less drying my hair. I recently had my hair cut, but i do take a while blow drying it into its style, and it has defiantly reduced drying time. I just wish i had this when my hair was longer

Next Is the Dry Shampoo for Dark Brown Hair. Now his original dry shampoo has always been a holy grail hair product for me, as I love love love it. I have oily/greasy hair and it gives amazing results, it makes my hair look like it has been washed. The only downside to the original was the fact I have dark hair and no matter how hard I spend rubbing it in, It always drew the colour out of my hair. But now I have the one for Dark Hair, its simply amazing. So 10/10 for this product. Its also available in blonde, light brown and of course dark brown (which can be used for black as its quite dark)

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