I’m Getting A New Puppy

So you may have read or saw that about nearly three months ago my beloved Cocker Spaniel Barney passed away. It has been the hardest time of my life. Lately we have been discussing getting a new puppy to lighten the mood in the house and so Scottie has a play friend. We looked on the internet but, we were indecisive, feeling it wasn't right.
Anyway three days ago, my mum got a phone call from my great aunt saying her dog had given birth unexpectedly (as they didnt think she was pregnant since they were told she couldn’t have puppies) and Barney’s brother was the father. We knew we had to have one. It was like fate that we should have one. We worked it out and the puppies were conceived a few days after Barney died. This has to be fate. I must say it feels right that we are getting this puppy.
We choose the only Golden Boy he looks like he has white streaks on his head. lol. He is a cocker spaniel. I can’t wait to get him. We are thinking about calling him Kenzie, Not sure yet. We will be getting him in 8 weeks. Here are some pics of him.
Here he is Only a few hours old.
Here he is with his brothers and sisters. kmqpr

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