Mac Quite Cute Alternative


So Mac have released a new collection called ‘Quite Cute’ the range is so pretty and has been named very well. However for the Cutie Eyeshadow quad priced at £33.00 (not sure about euro as I have not been shopping lately.) its a bit pricey when most of us are saving for our summer holidays, I was looking through my makeup collection and noticed that Gosh have a similar Palette available. The gosh one comes with Three colours nearly the same as the mac, only it doesn't have a pink shadow, but we can live with that right?
So if you can’t afford the Mac Quad why not get the Gosh Purple Dream( called Metallic Rose in The States) Palette. Gosh Palettes are priced at: €12.00, $16.00 and around £7.00.
The dark colour looks grey on camera but its a darkish purple. really pretty  

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