Mac MSF Vs Rimmel Stay Matte

Ok, so if you read my post on 2010’s favorite products, You would know I love Mac Mineralised Skin Finish in Natural. It gives amazing coverage and makes my skin look flawless and healthy.
But since im on a budget saving for my holidays I was worried I would be hitting pan with it soon and I wanted it to last for my holiday so I went out and bought Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing as it was only €5.49. However I am in love with this powder, so much so I think I will be bringing the Rimmel on holiday with me instead of the Mac.

In terms of coverage the Rimmel provides just as much as the Mac MSF and I Find The Rimmel Stay Matte Has a longer staying power. Another thing I have noticed with the Mac MSF is that when I answer my mobile, my phone is covered in Foundation, Its gross. I have not had this problem with the Rimmel Stay Matte.

In terms of Price, This is obvious as to which one I prefer.  Mac Msf Natural retails at €26, where Rimmel Stay Matte Is €5.49. So I Believe it doesn’t always pay to have expensive brands in your makeup bag.
I wear Light in Mac MSF and I Have The Translucent colour in the Rimmel and think I will Get a coloured one when I finally catch some sun, if Ireland ever gets any.
If your looking for a good coverage powder that last a good amount of the day, I would defo recommend you check out the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

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