MeMeMe Or Benefit???

DSCF3409DSCF3410Ok so as beauty bargin hunter. I always like to find cheaper alternative. So I thought I show you the differences  and similarities of Benefits MoonBeam and MeMeMe’s Sunbeam Beat the Blues.
Lets Look At The Bottles.

They Look Pretty much the same in the bottles. I’m not one to buy something for the packaging. So comparing which one looks cuter isn’t an option.  The Benefit is 13ml/ 0.45 us fl oz. While the MeMeMe is 12ml. The Benefit one looks more pinker. There is a pink tinge in it. The MeMeMe is more golden and thicker.
How about when they are on the skin, all blended in.

So Once they are blended in the MeMeMe looks more golden. Its certainly more visable. The Benefit is more of a shimmery white opal colour.

The Verdict
Differences Similarities
Benefit is a lot more expensive Both last just as long
Benefit has an extra ml of product Both are great highlighters
The MeMeMe is thicker and creamier  
MeMeMe is more vivid on the skin  

Ok so If I had to pick just one I think I would pick the MeMeMe one. It definitely is more vivid and its doesn’t highlight my open pores as much as the benefit. However i use the benefit version on my clients and I love how it looks on them. So Overall I think Its just whatever suits the individual.

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