Garnier Roll On Concealer Review

When I bought Garnier Roll On Concealer I actually didn’t need it. I didn’t really suffer with dark circles. I tried it out and thought it did slightly brighten up the eye area.

However lately I have been experiencing dark circles due to not be able to sleep (thanks to Scottie). I thought not to worry Lauren you have your Garnier Roll on Concealer. How wrong was I. This does nothing for me. I cant see it covers my dark circles or make me look wide awake. I’m quiet disappointed with this product. Everyone has been raving about it and I expected it to be amazing. Weather or not its just me and my skin. But I’m not loving this product. I have a picture of me with it on one eye, Personal I cant see much difference
Product is on my Left Eye. There is a slight difference but nothing major. What do you think?

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