Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette


I am a huge Urban Decay fan and collect all the palettes. However to me this palette stands out and is in a league of its own. The colours in this palette are stunning. They all have such a unique look. They all look pretty average in the box but once you swatch them or apply them they glisten over your eyelids and look amazing.

The Box describes itself as '' Opulent and sleek, this gunmental filigree treasure chest hold 15 NEW (never seen before) shades in honour of Urban Decay's big 15. Neutrals shimmer, brights hypnotize and darker hues lend high- impact depth.
That description pretty much sums it up for this palette. Its gorgeous. The looks one girl can make with this are endless. each colour looks good together. There are no rules for this palette.

Another thing I like about this palette is the fact that all shades are new. It seems urban decay do have the habit  of repeating shades in there book of shadows etc. Which priced at high prices can be very annoying. But with this palette none of these shades have been used before. Which is great.

The box is priced at €45.00. It doesn't come with any primer potion or brushes or eye-liners, but I think this palette is worth the money.

The box does come with a usable box which they have described can be used for jewellery.







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  1. This palette looks amazing!! :) Love the purple toned colours... omen, tainted and half truth look lush! :) xx


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