Grammys 2012 Makeup Awards

The 54th Grammy awards were held last night and I have been looking online at all the makeup looks worn by the rich and famous. I gotta say most of their makeup was pretty much the same, very basic eyes with a nude lip. There was a few that went the extra mile and actually had colour on their face, but there was nothing majorly OMG amazing. I did like a few looks, so here are my winners.

1. Adele- Whatever Adele seems to do, she always looks stunning and so elegant. I love this look, very pinup, 50’s inspired, almost Marilyn Monroe like. Her contoured cheeks add that perfect sculpted face look. This was by far my favourite Makeup of the night.
2. Taylor Swift- To be honest it was nice to see Taylor Swift not wearing the same makeup that she tends to wear at such events, that being her signature look of winged eyes and red lips. Instead she matched up to her dress and wore gorgeous bronzed eyes with peach lips. Makes her look so elegant and youthful. Expect a tutorial of this.
3. Rihanna- Now I know I mentioned a lot of people played it safe with their makeup but I feel this worked very well for Rihanna. She looks so fresh and glowing. I like the less is more look on her. She rocked a smokey Tightline liner with a touch of colour on the lid and Nude lips.
3.Carrie Underwood- This look is gorgeous, she looks so elegant and pretty. I loved her hair as well. What stands out the most for me is her lashes. They make this look and I think she looks stunning. Don’t you just wish your lashes were naturally like that. I know I do.
5. Kelly Rowland- To me Kelly’s makeup always looks nice. She always adds colour and I love that. Again she has gone for a pop of colour on the eyes with a simple lip. The Purple makes her dark brown eyes really stand out. Flawless!

6.Katy Perry- Usually Katy always wears big lashes and bright lips but I love the look she has gone for. Its so simple yet so pretty. The Lips are the main focus but she still has bought attention to her eyes with a thick liner. I love it. I’m not keen on the blue hair thou.
Surprising Makeup Of The Night: Now we all know Nicki Minja is know for her crazy style and bright makeup but she played it down at the grammys and went for something a lot simpler. I kinda of like it.
Who stood out to you, who had the best dress. Comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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  1. Adele is perfect here!
    I loved Kate Perry's dress by Elie Saab <3, all the others I saw were terrible!


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