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Known as what the Pixiwoo Sisters on youtube use and are part of are the Real Techniques brushes. When you see the girls use them in a tutorial, they look amazing, they apply the makeup flawlessly and effortlessly. I was so excited when I received these beauties for Christmas. I got the core collection and the starter set. I’m in love with these brushes. Here is my in depth review.

The only fault I see in these brushes is I wish there was more eye brushes like the range Sigma offer. Also one other tiny fault is the pointed foundation brush. It’s clearly too small. But we will get onto that in a moment.
Packaging:  Absolutely love the packaging, so practical and travel friendly.  A lot of thought went into the packaging and that doesn’t go unmissed cause bringing  these brushes on holiday with you is so easy and they stay protective and separated from everything else. And as you can see from the picture (above) the case also converts into a storage so they are easy to store on your dressing table. The material is also wipe clean so any nasty foundation stains can be easily removed. 
Score: 10/10
The Brushes:
Core Collection: Consists of four face brushes that all serve a separate purpose but all can be used for various tasks.  
The design of the brushes is what I love. I have had endless amount of brushes that have wooden handles and start to spilt when they have been washed a few times. I feel these brushes are much more studier as they are metal and have a rubber base.
Score for design: 10/10
Close up of brushes:

Buffing Brush: an excellent brush, can be used for foundation to deliver a flawless application, can be used as a powder and can also be used for blush. There is nothing this brush can’t be used as. I love this brush.

Contour Brush: the perfect brush for contouring. Its the prefect size. It fits nicely onto the cheekbone and it just works so well. It can also be used for blush. But I love using this for contour and highlighting.

Pointed Foundation Brush: I have to be honest and say I really don’t like this brush. Its way too small for a foundation brush I feel you would be there for ages trying to blend out foundation with this brush. I actually use this brush for liquid products such as highlighter, liquid blush etc. Sometimes I use this brush to apply my moisturiser. I would never use it for foundation.

Detailer Brush: Perfect little brush for concealing little blemishes. It gives precise application. I have also used this as a eye brush. Really like this brush.

Starter Set: Consists of 5 brushes each used for the eyes. I love this set I just wish there was more ‘eyeshadow’ brushes in this set.
Close Up Of Brushes:

Deluxe Crease Brush: Ok so this brush is way to big for my crease, however I love this brush for blending and for those days I really can’t be bothered with eye makeup. I take this brush and sweep a colour all over my eye. This brush can also be used for concealing.

Base Shadow Brush: A really good brush for applying colour onto the eye. I have also used it to blend. It works but not as good as the deluxe crease brush. This brush is more for building colour up on the eye.

Brow Brush: A really good brush for the brows. Picks up colour really well and can also be used as an eyeliner brush.

Accent Brush: Quite possibly my favourite one out of the starter set. It applies shadow under the lower lash line perfectly without fallout. It also allows you to wing out eyeshadow and create shapes with your shadow. Love love love this brush.

Pixel-Pointed Eyeliner Brush: An excellent brush for applying liner. Especially if you aren't too good at applying liner. This brush will make it ten times easier.

Quality: The quality of these brushes is amazing they are so soft but firm. The brushes that need to be dense are and the ones that need to be less dense are perfect. I can’t find any faults in the quality of these brushes. 
Score: 10/10
Selling Point: selling point for me is definitely the price of these brushes. You are paying less than €26 for amazing quality brushes.
Overall: I would definitely would recommend these brushes they are amazing. Each brush can be used for multiple tasks and the quality is amazing. the price is super affordable, the design of the brushes is incredible. I love these brushes and I will definitely be buying more.


  1. hi lauren,

    i know you got these for xmas but was just wondering where did you pick them up doll? Have heard lots of great things about them!

  2. I got them from but they are now available in boots.


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