Sephora WishList 2012


If you follow me on twitter, you would know I turn 21 this month. As a present to myself I decided I wanted to go to Rome. I have always wanted to go to Rome, for the history, romantic sites and of course the pasta. I also am super super excited cause Rome has about three Sephora’s. One of which is just outside my hotel. Any makeup lovers dream. As I live in Ireland we don’t have Sephora here. The last time I was there was in New York and weirdly enough there was a Sephora right outside my hotel then (I didn’t plan it I swear lol) I think me and my friend spent all of our money in there, we were their best customers that week.
Anyway for a bit of fun, I thought I would show you what is on my Sephora wishlist and by list I mean I actually have a list written on my phone (nerd). I will be getting birthday money so that will be delightful as at the moment I’m pretty broke. Also I want to buy something I’ve always wanted. So I’m considering buying a Marc Jacobs handbag but we shall see what they are priced at. So without further a do here is my wishlist.

From Left To Right:
  • Benefit Havana Blusher
  • Makeup Forever Aqua Smokey Lash (same as smokey lash just waterproof)
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (please be in stock)
  • Facial cleansing brush ( cheap version and I mean cheap of a clarisonic)
  • Makeup Forever HD Primer
  • Sephora Nail Polish Remover (meant to be great for glitter polishes)
  • A Sephora Travelo
  • Vera Wang Princess Night (not sure if this is actually sold in Sephora)
That is it. Not too bad considering, I’ve planned it for weeks. I will properly either buy other stuff or not half of this stuff knowing me. I am excited to announce aswell that I will be getting some goodies from Rome, from Kiko and Sephora for a giveaway on my Youtube channel. So stay tuned for that. I will also vlog my Rome Holiday and Pictures will be on my Instagram, Linked in the links section.

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  1. I think that the Princess Night bottle is absolutely adorable! It's on my wishlist too :)


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