Benefit Havana Blush- Just A Pretty Box?

Possibly the prettiest looking (packaging and blush design) blush that benefit has released . However the packaging maybe the prettiest thing ever, but the blush is a different story. I was so excited to get this blush as It looked amazing on the blogs I’ve seen it on. I bought it in Sephora in Rome, costing me €33.50.
I swatched it in the shop and noticed the pigment isn’t too pigmented. However I had seen it other blogs and knew it looked beautiful on the skin……

When I got the blush home I applied it to my cheeks with one swirl, with that one swirl nothing appeared on my cheeks, so I applied another swirl and again nothing. It took me 7 applications for it to show up on my skin. Now I have  pale complexion so I was confused as to why It wouldn’t show up on my skin.
Now I’m not one to complain I just feel that If I’m paying €33.50 (ridiculous price) for a blush I want it to be shown on my face. I want people to actually notice it. My face is pretty pale without blush or contouring so I relay on blushers etc to bring a touch of colour to my face however this blush simply didn't provide it for me. I am very disappointed.

As for wearing time. I wore it shopping last weekend and It looked like it had disappeared after two hours. Not sure if anyone feels the same as me about this blush or to some it might be their fave blush. But to me its a product I regret buying. I will continue to use it as it would be a complete waste of money if I threw this into the pile of unused makeup I already have.

Do you have this blush, what are your thoughts???


  1. What type of brush are you using? I used a bronzer brush to apply mine and it looked beautiful on me! And I have olive skin so with what you're saying - it would take a lot more to show up on my skin but I had no problems!


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