My Top 5 Fave Perfumes

I’m not an expert on describing fragrances but these are my top 5 that I love to wear.

Lancome Midnight Rose- This perfume smells amazing. Its so fruity and it literally lasts all day. You can still smell this perfume when you get into bed at night.The Bottle is super classy and girly aswell.
Rihanna- OMG. Is the one I would use to describe this perfume. It smells amazing. It has a strong smell that just floats around the whole room. I love this perfume. It is one of the most nicest smelling celebrity perfumes I’ve ever come across. Its so nice!. I recommend you check this one out. It also last all day and I always get people asking what I have on when Im out and about. 
Chanel No5. This is my classy, business type women perfume. Its very strong and over powering but as it settles on your skin, Its lovely. Its not everyones cup of tea, but if you like strong perfumes defo check this out. I wouldn’t recommend this if your under 16’s as its a more mature ladies perfume. Its way too overpowering for teens, But if you love the smell I dont see why not.
Chanel Chance. I love this perfume its so nice and sweet and again as it gets nicer as it settles onto your skin. Its very girly and femine and just generally fruity sweet but with a hint of musk. Worth checking out of you can accept the chanel price tag. (way overpriced in my opinion)
Calvin Klein Euphoria. This is the only perfume where I have repurchased. Its my signature scent. I first got this in Paris on a school trip and now every time I smell it, it reminds me of my trip. Its a musky, smell with a hint of fruit, sweetness (not a good perfume describer) however I only like wearing this in the colder months so autumn and winter as it suits them seasons. I recommend checking his out. Its my all time fave.

That’s it. hope you enjoyed. Let me know your favourite smells, perfumes body sprays etc. I always like looking for new scents. Well I’m kind of addicted.

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  1. I smelt the LancĂ´me Midnight Rose perfume the other day and thought it was gorgeous- it's on my wishlist! My current favourite is Paco Rabane Black XS x


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