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If you have been in Pennys lately, you have properly noticed the nail polishes that are stacked near the tills. I was made buy these when I couldn’t resist the look of them, when I went to pay for my purchases. Naughty people putting them by the tills. Anyways, I wanted to share my thoughts on them. At the moment they have a huge pastel collection. Which wasn’t there before Christmas. I picked up a baby pink from that collection, the other polishes are from the regular line.

My first thoughts were they might not be amazing as they are only €2.75 each, but I didn’t mind cause I like to switch my nail polish up every other day, so it didn’t bother me if it didn’t last the week. I bought the bright pink one first, called Heartbreaker. When I got home I applied it and was shockling surprised at how well one coat covered. Usually cheaper polishes need two coats as they seem to be thin, but this applied thick and creamy and covered in one coat. I loved it. As for how long it lasted it went three days without chipping, which I feel is pretty decent for the price. Heartbreaker is a bright pink with blue iridescent running through it, its a really pretty colour.


Next I bought the purple Glitter one called Goddess, I was disappointed by this one, it was no where near the colour of the bottle, It was very sheer glitter, that almost looked very cheap, like the kind you used to wear when you were seven. I really didn’t like it. I applied two coats of it and it looked very tacky. I recommend if your going to buy the glitter polishes, stick to using them over a colour or as a accent. 

Lastly my latest purchase is the baby pink called Sweetie Pie. Oh how I do love this shade, again it shares the creamy texture like Hearbreaker. It takes one coat to look amazing. I really like this shade. Its a great dupe for OPI Pink Friday. 
Overall I really like these polishes, again I wasn't too impressed with the glitter polish, but that just means I won’t buy another glitter polish from Angelica. However I will be stocking up on the rest of the shades. They are great quality for €2.75 and I would recommend them to anyone who has a nail polish addiction. You can buy these and not feel quality about the bank balance.


  1. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for your post, we're glad you like our polish!

    With the glitters, we really recommend using a colour underneath to set the glitters off. Just 1 coat of a purple underneath the Goddess would really set the colour off!

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    Keep up the blog :)

    angelica x

  2. Great review! I love all the colours of these, I really want to pick them up so I might put an order on their website :) I am a massive nail polish fan :D

    Just followed your blog! Love it :) xo


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