Clarisonic Dupe Alert - Rio Sonicleanse Review


Now there has been an overwhelming response and hype surrounding the famous Clarisonic. They almost sound like the perfect little tool. If only it wasn’t for its heavy price tag. Well after a YouTube video I discovered The Rio Sonicleanse. I was very interested in how much it was and if it was available in Ireland. The Rio website is located in the UK so I knew they would properly ship to Ireland but I later goggled Rio Sonicleanse Ireland and saw that Littlewoods also stocked them. Perfect for me as, I could buy now and pay later. How much would I be paying? Only €64.00 which I think is a good price considering the price of clarisonics. I actually had 10% discount at the time thanks to 02 treats and paid around €57. Pretty impressive, for such a brilliant tool. I am going to tell you my experience with the product and how it has reacted with my skin and let you know if I think it is worth the money.

So if you didn’t already know from previous blog posts or videos, I have acne prone skin that I would consider combination. I say combination cause it has its oily parts, dry parts and it can be very sensitive. So using something like the Rio Sonicleanse was always a risky thing to do. When I first used it, I put on the fast setting. I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t hurt my skin, never left it red. However after three days of using it, I noticed my skin was drying out very badly. I put it down to maybe over exfoliating. Lets face it these cleansing brushes are basically exfoliating the skin. I then used it on the lower setting which is a little softer. Everything was going well until I got little red spots, almost bumps on my forehead. I knew this was due to the Rio Sonicleanse as I never get spots on my head only when I have my period. At this stage I panicked. I started thinking, I had paid €57 on something that is making my skin react like this. I decided out of the blue that I would only use it every other day on the lower setting and only once a day on that every other day.

Straight away, my skin started to change after a week of doing this. It started to clear up and look less sore and red. It almost looked 10x cleaner. If that makes sense. I also noticed how much it evened out my skin tone and reduced the pores on my face. The pores on the side of face near my cheeks have completely disappeared. Which is amazing. My skin has not looked this good in months. Lately for some reason my skin has gotten worse and my acne seemed to be like it was when I was a teenager. However since using the Rio Sonicleanse it has very much improved. It also has changed the way products are applied to my face. My foundation sinks straight in and glides on easier. I am very impressed with the results for only using this little tool for just over a month. I can honestly say it has helped contain my acne, Its not out of control anymore and the other day I was that confident I actually used a tinted moisturiser. Which is very out of character. I am just hoping that it will continue to help my skin.

So I thought I would write this review to answer any of those questions people might have about this tool. Some people might not of heard of it, or some might want a clarisonic very badly but cant afford it.  I hope this answers you questions. I would defiantly recommend this little thing to everyone. If your worried about my experience with the purge at the beginning, professional skincare people reckon its because your skin has never been cleansed that deeply before. For the little time I had those little spots on my forehead I think it was worth it. I have seen so many improvements in my skin lately, I would of paid €100 for this product. I will be filming a Skin Care routine on my YouTube channel soon so I can show people what products and vitamins I have been taking to help clear my skin. I am not completely satisfied with my skin at this time, I want it to be acne free. But I know it takes time. However, I’m defiantly on the journey to clearer skin.
The Rio Sonicleanse can be bought from Littlewoods or


  1. This sounds great! I have quite sensitive skin so wasn't sure if cleansers like this would be a bit harsh for me x

  2. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

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