L’oreal Caresse Vs Revlon Lip Butters


Everyone raved on about the Revlon lip butters for weeks and when they finally hit the UK, they sold out every where, when they hit Ireland, they seemed to be in the shops for five minutes and they were gone. So when I was searching high and low for them I saw a bright, pretty stand with L’oreal Caresse lipsticks in them. I was instantly drawn over and I purchased two. The colours I chose were Fashionista Pink and Cheeky Magenta. When I got home and applied them. They felt amazing, so soft and moisturising, I was very impressed.

A few weeks later I finally found some Revlon Lip Butters. I picked up Sweet Tart (reviewed here) and only recently picked up Lollipop. Again, once I got home I tested them out and they felt buttery and moisturising. Noticing that the two brands were producing near enough the same product. I decided to compare them and tell you guys which one is better and what difference there is.

First off the boring stuff. Price! Revlon Lip Butter are €11.19 and L’oreal Caresse Lipsticks are €12.49. Not a huge difference but all things consider, L’oreal offer about and inch and a half more product. So the price doesn’t seem to bother me.

Next the packaging. Now I have said I like the Revlon packaging, but when its compared to the L’oreal packaging, L’oreal seems to look more classier and a lot more stronger. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the Revlon packaging, but its not as ‘grown up’ so to speak as the L’oreal ones.

Next is the shade selection. Revlon Lipbutters have very wide range of colours, they have light, pale, neutral shades to dark shades. I suppose you could say there is a shade for everyone. L’oreal also offer the same style of shades. So they both have a good selection of shades.

Ok so the ones Im going to show you is L’oreal In shade Cheeky Magenta and Revlon in shade Lollipop. Both are really pretty colours and both are strong pink colours, so If you don’t like pink ‘power’ lips stay away from these shades, especially the Revlon one.

Now onto pigmentation of the products, both are well pigmented considering the shade you select, obviously the lighter shades wouldn’t be as visible. The L'oreal in fashionista pink, looks like a clear shine on my lips, so if you want colour get a brighter shade. The two brands are not exactly in your face colours because they are sheer, lip butters. However Revlon is a bit more pigmented. Only slightly.

Texture-  This is where we start to see difference. The Revlon Lipbutters tend to need working into the lips, otherwise they can look patchy. They go on smooth however they can look patchy if not applied well and you will defiantly have to look in a mirror to apply them. On the other hand, L’oreal seems to glide on lovely and I would happily apply these without a mirror. They don’t go patchy even with a brighter shade.

Staying Power- Loreal seems to last longer with me, now that could be different on other people, but on me they tend to wear off nicely where as the Revlon, go patchy and dry and leave a residue on my lips. Almost the way a cheap lipgloss would wear off on your lips. Both last a good amount of time for a buttery product, but the L’oreal wins this one on they way it wears off.

So overall, If I was to pick only one brand to actually buy, It would be The L’oreal Caresse Lipsticks. I just think they are better in terms of texture and the way they wear on the lips. I do like the Revlon lipbutters, I just can’t see why they were so hyped up. They are nice but nothing amazing. If you want a sheer lip product that will give you enough colour that looks good and wears well, pick the L’oreal, if you want a more brighter lip colour pick the Revlon. Either way two great products. But for me. L’oreal wins this one.

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  1. Love them both, but I like the fact loreal ones have no shimmer :) xx


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