Lush ‘No Drought’ Dry Shampoo


After seeing this on YouTube in someone’s haul. I was so intrigued to try it out. I’m a huge Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo fan, however its €9.00 something a bottle and it never seems to last long. I have also used various other brands such as Batiste and I have found them ok. Usually when I don’t have any dry shampoo in the house I put talc powder in my hair, it works but seriously draws all the colour out of my hair.
On first impressions in lush, I was a little surprised at how it looked. It is the same texture as talc powder so I thought  ‘ooh! maybe it leaves white marks’. However on the reviews I had heard it was meant to sink straight into your hair, leaving no evidence. I was also a little thrown back back the price of the product. €8.50 for a 115grams. However I thought it would prob last a long time due to the fact its all product and not aerosol. So I threw it into my basket. The women at the till also told me that it can be used as a makeup setting powder. She told me it contained cornflour and so it was great for the skin and locking everything into place. I have not tried it yet on the face cause I’m trying not to put anything strange on my face, (strict face routine going on at the mo).

Anyways onto the review. When you open the bottle and start applying it onto the hair you get a strong whiff of citrus almost like lemon pledge. Its very strong, but once in the hair, the smell disappears. I applied a fair amount as my hair was third day washed, and as i have greasy hair it was level 10 oily. When on the hair it feels very stiff, you must really work it into the hair to make it disappear. Saying that I have never had a dry shampoo that has worked as good as this one. It literally made my hair feel so clean. I was that impressed, I went out shopping with my third day hair. That is a big thing for me. My hair didn’t have any strange white marks, it didn’t make the hair colour fade. It simply made it clean and fresh looking.
I will say on a side note. That when I washed my hair the next day, It was really stiff and ‘heavy’ feeling. I’m not sure if that was the dry shampoo or something else. Just thought I would mention it.
Overall. I would defiantly recommend this product. i was very impressed with it. It left my hair really clean, my hair colour remained the same and my hair stayed fresh through out the whole day. As for the price. I actually consider it alright, considering that I’ve used it twice now and it looks like I haven’t used any. I have a feeling a bottle would last a long time.
UK:£ 6.50
Ireland: € 8.50
USA: $12.95


  1. I need this so much!! This is a great little blog :)


    1. it really is a great product, much better than the aerosol ones. Thanks for commenting :)


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