Maybelline Color Tattoo In On and On Bronze

As stated in my last post, I wanted to get some more neutral colours in the Maybelline Color Tattoos, I went shopping on Good Friday and my local boots had the whole shade range, I was so excited and grapped the two brown toned shades.When I saw this colour I knew I had to have it. I did swatch this in store and I loved the colour. On and on Bronze is a really pretty shade.  I also will say that it stayed on my hand all day and I had to use makeup remover to remove it late that night. Enough rambling onto the review.
Packaging- Again with the other shade I reviewed it comes in a nice glass pot with a plastic sleek black lid, almost like the mac paint pots however the lid is not as deep. I like the packaging of this product. Its fits nicely into my makeup bag.
Colour- The colour, I would describe it as a a brown with shimmer in it. A very pretty colour for summer as it was glisten in the sun.
Pigmentation- Very impressed with the pigmentation of this product. It literally only needs the smallest amount to achieve full colour. Again the top image is with flash , the bottom without flash.
Staying Power- I think its what's best about this product is the amazing staying power as I mentioned above that I literally had to take it off with makeup remover and that was just the small swatch I did in the shop. I say you would get around 8 hours of colour out of this product. I applied this shade on Saturday and I still had product on my eye when I came to taking my makeup off.

So overall would I recommend this product, Yes, I would. This is a vey pretty colour to wear in the sun and because of its great staying power it will last through the hot sunny days.
Staying Power

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