Maybelline Colour Tattoo


I have been so excited to try these since they hit America. Watching all the gurus tell us how amazing they are. I knew I had to have them. However they ain’t that easy to get hold of. I set of last week in search of these bad boys and what do you think i was greeted with? Empty shelves. Well all empty but two left. Immortal Charcoal the only shade I could get. I picked it up anyway even thou I wanted the brown and taupe colours. It was 3 for 2 in boots so I didn’t pay a penny for it since I bought two lipsticks from L’oreal ( review coming).
Anyway onto the review. I swatched this in the shop and when I went home it was still on my hand in mint condition. I was very impressed. The next day I decided to try it out. I applied it with my fingers and blended it into the lid, it can be worn a much stonger grey, however since it was a daytime look I was going for I blended it to a more subtle grey. If you come across this colour and think, ‘nah! I will never use it’ It can be worn as a day look. I teamed it up with a sheer pink lipstick and It looked lovely.

The eyeshadow literally stayed in place all day. It didn’t budge and it stayed pigmented throughout the hot sunny day. I was very impressed as I have oily eyelids I didn’t expect it to last that long, but seriously I was blown away at the staying power, for a drugstore product. It applied lovely. They are very easy to use. I saw on someone else’s blog that it can be worn as a eyeliner, which is very handy. Or it can be worn as a base. Either way you decide to use it. I’m sure you will be impressed.
Overall. I was very impressed with this product. The price is amazing at €7.49, I would simply pay €20 for it. I was that amazed by it. I just need to go out now on a hunt for the other shades. I actually want the blue one aswell as the neutral shades. I’m off to Dublin next week so fingers crossed, I will find them.

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