Hey everyone, so I got a lot of requests to show you all what I use on my skin, as in what I use to clean it etc. So here it is. I have had many skincare routines and some worked then stopped and some didn’t work at all. I feel like I have found one that is defo helping my skin clear up. My acne has cleared up. I do have the odd blemishes, but its not as bad as it was 3, 4 months ago. I have a full review of the Rio Sonicleanse on my blog, link will be below. I think its worth checking out, its evened out my skin tone, texture and 70% of my large pores have become smaller. I hope that this might help someone. Let me know what kind of products you use to help your blemishes

As for the vitamins mentioned in the video. They are aimed at hormonal imbalance. I figured that is what is going on with me, and the results I have had with these tablets is great. Even if you don't suffer with acne, these could be good for you if you get painful, irregular periods etc. They are called Agnus Castus. If you missed what they were called. They are around €9.95 and I got mine from Holland And Barratt.
If you want to see what I use watch the video below.