Revlon Lip Butter In Sweet Tart


I finally got my hands on a Revlon lip butter. It was a little hard to choose what shade to get as there was hardly any testers for them in boots, however I had seen Sweet Tart on a blog and thought it was right up my street. It was 3 for 2 in boots so I got two other products which will be reviewed shortly.
I paid  €11.19 for this lip butter, which in my opinion is very expensive considering how surprised I was when I saw how much product I was getting for that price. In terms of shade selection, I was impressed I know we don’t get the same shades as the US, but there is a good quality of shades for everyone's fancy. I also fancied Lollipop but it was sold out, But I plan on getting it.

Ok so on to the actual breakdown of the product.

Packaging- I love the packaging of these lip butters, they are so girly and really remind me of hot summer days. Its almost like sweets/candy, sort of look. However the quilted look adds a touch of glamour. I was very impressed with the packaging.

Texture- They are very creamy, and feel very nice on the lips, In comparison with the L’oreal Caresse Lipsticks, (review will be up next) they aren’t as nourishing, however if you have dry lips, you will defiantly benefit from these lip butters, as they will provide enough moisture to not let the dryness come through. I can imagine these products would be great in the colder months as people tend to suffer from dryer lips in those months.
Staying Power – It stayed on my lips for around 3 Hours before it seemed to sink into the lips and disappear. I didn’t mind reapplying as I feel it has benefited my lips, cause they were a little dry before I started wearing it.
Pigmentation- I am very impressed by the pigmentation of this product. It has very good coverage for such a sheer product. The Colour is what I hoped for it to be.
Colour Suited- I think this colour would suit most skin tones,it would defiantly but some colour into paler skin.
With Flash
Without Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
Texture 8/10
Staying Power 6/10
Pigmentation 9/10
Packaging 10/10

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    The word you are looking for is definitely.
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