Mac MSF In Soft And Gentle

I always want that sunny glow on my cheeks whenever I do my makeup. I have been researching Mac MSF in Soft and Gentle for some time now and I always liked the look of it, but I was turned off by the price. However when I was last out in cork, I met up with Sarah aka Adoreabubbles and I mentioned that I really wanted it, and she convinced me to get it, so after I swatched it about 10 times in the Mac store., I just thought ‘just do it’ so I bought It.

Anyway here is my review on it. The shade is a lovely golden colour with silver glitter in it. When you first swatch it on to your hand you will fall in love with it. It gives a gorgeous glow and looks so pretty.  There is no doubt that it swatches lovely on the hand and in the shop under the lights, it looks amazing. However when I got home I tried it on my face and I was horrified at how it just looked like some child had just threw glitter in my face. I was so upset after spending €28 on it. I wasn't sure if I had blended  it in too much and this is why I looked like I had been decorating a Christmas card. I then looked online and read reviews of it being very chunky glitter and it looking horrible on people. I was then very upset that I had wasted so much money.

However I didn’t give up hope.The next day I applied my foundation as normal, and I decided to give it another go, this time, I applied it on top of my blush on my cheekbones. OMG. I fell in love. It made me look so polished. I loved it. I couldn't stop looking at my cheeks in the mirror. It was that pretty. Since then I use this product everyday. I have lately been using it on my cheekbones alone without blush and maybe its because I have used the top layer but its not so glittery anymore, but more a highlight. The trick is not to blend the product into much or it breaks done and your only left with glitter particles, which lets be honest is not a great look.

I highly recommend this product, there is nothing that is cheaper that is the same, if there was I would have bought it, being a bargain hunter. For the price this product will last you ages as you only use a tiny amount a day. So overall €28 isn't that bad, its not cheap, but It will be in my makeup bag for a long time. Thanks to Sarah for convincing me to get it.


  1. I want this so bad I think I might invest in it as soon as I can afford it. I am trying not to buy anymore makeup until I really need it as money is tight the last few weeks. x


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