Z Palette Review


About four weeks ago I gave in and ordered a Z Palette. I had been eyeing one up for the longest time, but never got around to buying one. When beautyemporium.ie sent me €3 voucher, I took that as an opportunity to buy myself one. When the discount was applied I paid €18.00 I was delighted.

On looking on the site, I really liked the pink one, and the leopard print one, however I wanted the palette to have a more professional look as it was going to go in my kit. I ordered the large size. When It arrived I was happy with what I got and quickly started to depot my blushes to put in there. Now I have used this palette personally and professionally I feel I can give you my honest Opinion.

The Actually concept of the palette is great. Being able to see into the palette without having to open it is great, especially if you work freelance or even if you just have interest in makeup. It saves time and is a great idea. If I was to own more than one Z Palette I would know what was in one Palette without opening up every single palette to find a shade, that I have in mind.

In the palette you receive a pack of magnets that you can apply to the pan forms of makeup that you which to place into the palette. I cannot remember how many came with it, however I still have some left over. So there is plenty to go around. The magnet itself inside is pretty strong, some blushes stuck without having to have a magnet attached. But I applied a magnet to every blush just in case one did fall out. The shutter on the palette is also pretty strong, its not easily flung open which is a good thing, especially as I just throw this into my train case.

One thing I don't like about the palette is the durability of it, the actual palette is made of cardboard. It isn’t extremely strong, It has got tattered, The piece that flings back to open it looks like it wont last very long. Lets just say It looks like I’ve had this palette for a while. Another thing I have noticed is that is gets so dirty. It almost looks grubby without cleaning it. I bought the black to avoid it looking dirty, however it still manages to get filthy.

Overall I recommend this palette, its a great idea, they are affordable and the fact that any shape shadow, blush can fit in the palette is great. However I cant help but think, this palette would be super great if it was a little stronger. I can only imagine if I spilt water on this palette by accident how it would end up looking, I say I would have to throw it in the bin.

Review out of the way, I thought I show you how I put my blushes in here. Originally I was using this Palette for my eye shadows, then I realised I have so many eye palettes, I should make a blush one. So I depotted some Elf Blushes, No17, 2 Benefits Blushes and a Hard Candy Blush, mainly because those boxes take so much room up in my kit, it drives me insane. I simply melted the packaging of the No17 blushes by holding it over a candle, as for the elf blushes and the box blushes, they simply slipped out of their packaging with a little force.

And there you go. Let me know in the comments if you have a Z Palette and what you put in yours. Also your thoughts on the Palette, do you think they are worth the Hype?

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  1. I have a few Z Palettes and I think they are definitely worth it. Since they are universal you can put any brand and kind of makeup in them you want. I even throw a few small brushes in mine if I'm taking one on the go. And having a few of them, being able to see inside the clear window saves time like you said. Great post!


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