Mac Hue Drugstore Dupe

DSCF3170mac hueno17 beehive
We all love a good dupe. Especially when its a Mac Dupe. Mac Lipsticks retail for €17.50 In Ireland, so when I find a drugstore dupe for a fraction of the cost, I can’t help but tell you all about it. I was cleaning out my makeup drawers this week and I found my No17 Beehive lipstick, I had forgotten I had bought it, so I threw it on. After I applied it I couldn’t help but notice that It is very similar to the famous Mac Lipstick Hue. I then investigated this situation (total detective work). I took off my lipstick, applied Hue to the top lip and Beehive to the bottom and what do you know. Exact Dupe! Very exciting.
On the lips they are identical. The only difference between the lipsticks is that Beehive has a more glossier finish. For €5.69 I ain’t moaning, if it has more gloss. Some people feel Hue is too light on them and drains the colour from their lips, for me it just gives my lips a pink look with a sheen. Two beautiful shades for everyday wear. What more could you want.
Have you got any Mac Dupes? Share them below  
*You can pick No17 Beehive up In Boots


  1. can't believe how similar these are! Elf's runway pink is a dupe for creme cup, very similar!: ) xx

  2. I've yet to buy a MAC lipstick as there are dupes for almost every shade, thank for letting us know about this one, they are identical!

  3. I have 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in Belle, and I quite like it! I'd love to try Beehive, but--sadly--they don't sell 17 in the States. How do you like the packaging? I find that the top slips off and is prone to getting very dented/bent, although I am shamelessly fond of the blue packaging.

  4. oh wow! this is a good dupe... hue is one of my favs xxx


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