Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation

Clinique anti blemish foundation
Ok, So I can’t photograph the bottle myself as I only got two samples of this foundation. However, after using two weeks of samples I feel I can give my opinion on this foundation. I always ask for a sample of a foundation, especially  if its high end and also cause I am acne prone, I like to try my products out before I commit and spend my money on them. So never feel scared to ask for an example of anything even moisturiser. Most of the time sales assistants will not even blink any eye lid about you asking for a sample.

Here is what Clinique Claim About this Foundation

‘'Feels so fresh, looks so natural. Non-irritating, oil-free makeup helps blend away blemishes, neutralize redness. Medicated ingredients help treat existing breakouts and keep them from coming back.
  • Skin Types: 2 - Dry Combination, 3 - Combination Oily, 4 - Oily
  • Formula: Liquid
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Benefits: Helps cover, clear and prevent acne’
Here is what I say

Shade-I went with the palest shade which is Fresh Alabaster. Which may I add is not that pale, so If your paler then Mac Nc15/Nw15 you have no chance of getting away with this foundation shade wise. Which is a little disappointing considering Clinique have won awards over there foundations, you think they would cater for everyone. Overall there is 12 shades. The darkest being Fresh Clove. I loved the shade I picked thou, I finally found a shade that suited me perfectly. 4/5

Coverage- Now for a foundation to be aimed at acne, you would suspect full coverage, however this foundation is more medium coverage, which cannot be build up, I have had a serious breakout lately and I tried to build it up over the spotty area and it went orange and looked severely cakey. Now I like a foundation to cover my spots but also ;like to feel like I am wearing little, this certainly has a light weight feel and leaves me skin really soft but I had little coverage, when I had a bad breakout. 2/5

Lasting Power- This is where I was a little on the fence the first week I tried this I loved it, however the second week I broke out due to using another product I was testing and the staying power on the acne looked crumbly and horrible at the end of the day, I’m not talking a full day, I am on about 4 hours tops. It looked great everywhere else but It had slide straight off my acne areas. 3/5

Extra Info- Ok so as I mentioned above I broke out in week 2 due to another product testing, not sure if it was this foundation, it might have been but I don’t want to point the finger. However the day I had to wear it because I had to cover my skin, which looked horrendous, I felt it burning my skin. When I took it off after coming back from the shops. My skin was bight red and inflamed. I am pretty sure this has made the breakout worse. At the moment my skin is sore and I have huge spots on my cheek and chin. I have stopped using it now and I wont be buying it. However I did like the foundation in week 1 but I am not sure if this has made me breakout really bad, I have never had acne like this before, where the skin is too sore to touch. So that is why I would not buy this foundation.

Here is a picture of it on before my breakout.

I think I will stick to my trusty Revlon Colourstay Foundation for now.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation Retails For €29, £22, $27

Overall I give this product 2/5

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