Maybelline Gel EyeLiner

I know I’m a little late on the band wagon about this product, I bought It a while ago and I always meant to blog about it, I just always forget. So I was going through my products to do reviews on and realised I need to share my thoughts on this product.
This product in one word is amazing. I have tried numerous of gel eyeliners and I finally think I’ve found one that works for me. In contrast to the famous Bobbi Brown eyeliner, I can honestly say I prefer this one better, for one simple reason, It does not dry out as quick. I literally had the Bobbi Brown one 2 Months tops and I went to use it and it was so dry I couldn’t get my brush in it. That being said I love all the other qualities that, the Bobbi Brown eyeliner has to offer but the drying out quickness really lets it down.
In terms of pigmentation this product is amazing, as you can see from the swatch. With one sweep it gives a true black line. So for pigmentation I would give this product 5/5
Next would be Staying Power. I was so surprised at this, for a drugstore product it has a lot of higher end qualities. This literally stays on my eyes all day. I suffer from Hay fever and even with the streaming eyes (joys of hay fever) It doesn't budge. I give it 5/5
Price. What can I say, its from the drugstore, so the price is totally affordable, although saying that Ireland’s drugstore prices may as well be high end sometimes. However this little baby comes in around €12.45 less than €13 I’m not 100% sure as I got mine on offer for €9.99 Less that €13 is a good price though as its a great product and it will last you a while. 4/5

This product does come with its own brush, which I cannot find. I do remember using it a few times and it does a pretty decent job of applying the product. So if you don’t already have an eyeliner brush, it will be fine to use.
Overall I recommend this eyeliner to everyone, since I bought this Maybelline have released 4 new shades. However and correct me if I’m wrong only two are available in Ireland and UK at the moment (typical)

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