17 Miracle Matte Foundation


While I was on holiday, I noticed my trusty Revlon Colourstay Foundation was coming to an end. I decided I want to try something different, just for a change. I was searching through the endless shelves in boots and came across the 17 stand. I had heard many good things about the Miracle Matte foundation so I started to swatch the shades onto my chest area (best area to check if you want to look all one colour, just make sure to clean it off once your done otherwise it can look weird). I was shocked I was the lightest shade in the collection, usually I am second or third, however the second shade was a little too pink so I opted for the first shade funny enough the second shade was called Porcelain, which I always considered to be the lightest shade.  Long story short I picked up the shade Soft Ivory.

I read the back of the bottle and it claimed to give a matte finish while banishing blemishes. It sounded good to me so I went up and bought it costing me £5.99.

(What  it claims and Ingredients)

Here is my review.
Application: Whilst pumping it onto my hand, I noticed that is seemed creamy. Its a liquid foundation but its a very creamy texture. Once I applied it onto my face, it does blend like a cream. However It takes a good bit of blending for it to look like skin and not a mask. I did have time to dot it over my face and blend, anyone who uses Revlon Colourstay knows it needs to be blended quickly. So that was a benefit.


Coverage: Ok so this is when it started to let itself down. It offers light to medium coverage. It does not cover blemishes what so ever. Also this foundation cannot be build up as it looks cakey on the skin, not a good look.




How It Looks On The Skin: Again this is why I really dislike this foundation. It gives a matte finish, so I didn't expect it to be glowing, dewy etc. However this foundation looks so dry on me. I have combination to oily skin so I can get away with a Matte foundation without it looking too dry, however this foundation is horrible looking. It clings to the blemishes and makes me look like my skin needs a good exfoliate. If you have dry skin, you cannot wear this foundation.

Staying Power: It claims to be 16 hour shine free. I found it to last a good amount of time on the skin, however it had slid off my blemishes within 5 to 6 hours. It did however stay shine free, to be honest it was dry looking anyway so I see no way shine would come through.

Overall: I really disliked this foundation.  I had read so many good things about it, but I was not impressed. It didn’t offer enough coverage as it wasn’t buildable. It made my skin look really dry and horrible looking. I would not recommend this foundation and I cannot see myself buying it again. Sorry 17 for a bad review. But I did not like this foundation at all.


  1. Thats a shame because I really liked this foundation, but I have oily skin so it would suit my skin type better


    1. I have oily skin aswell, and I found it still drying maybe my skin is not as oily as it was. I know a lot of people love this foundation.

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