How To Find Your Right Shade Of Foundation

Hi everyone, I get a lot of emails and inboxes, with people asking me what shade of foundation they are and how to properly find the right shade of foundation. It would be impossible for me to determine what shade you would be without actually meeting you in person. So I am putting up this video to show you a quick easy method, you can do yourself to see what shade correctly suits you.

When you look at your face, 9 times out of 10 it will be a different shade to your chest area. Your chest area is the key to determine what shade foundation you should wear. A Lot of people say, check your jawline, however why would you check your jawline, when you want to look all one colour and match you chest area. It doesn't make sense. The method I am also showing you is suitable for when you are in a shop in a drugstore lets say and you are currently wearing foundation. In that situation we always swatch the foundation on our arms, which is not a good idea, as our arms and hands are completely
different colour to our faces. Testing you chest area allows you not to worry about the makeup you already have on. So I hope you enjoy the video

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