Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick In Rose Boudoir

DSCF3205lips I picked this lipstick up in John Lewis in Cardiff. I had been eying up this range of lipsticks since they had come out. LancĂ´me Lipsticks are are luxury in my opinion. They are a little expensive. I paid £21 for this lipstick so I can only imagine its touching the €30 mark in Ireland. So with price in mind I wanted a colour like no other colour I had in my collection. 
When approaching the stand this colour’s tester stands out a mile. Its so bright so I was instantly drawn to it. I love bright lipsticks. I go through stages where I wear only nude, soft pink lipsticks then other times, I like to stand out in a crowd and wear a really bright one. This lipstick is for one of those days. Saying that thou, it can be lightly applied to give a soft pink colour. So I suppose I can wear it whatever mood I’m in.

Packaging: Love the packaging of this lipstick. It looks expensive and is really heavy. The bottom of the tube reminds me of a wedding ring, for some reason. I also like the fact its a hard shell and not plastic. Makes the £21 spend worth it.
Application: It glides onto my lips like a dream. I have dry lips and no matter how much I exfoliate them they go back dry within a few seconds. Considering its a bright colour it doesn’t stick to the dryness. I feels so creamy aswell on the lips. And very moisturising.
Pigmentation: This is a very pigmented lipstick. It literally only has to touch the lips and the colour pay off is amazing. I was very impressed with this lipstick pigmentation.
Staying Power: Ok so the lipstick claims to stay on for 6 hours. I have found it last for around 4- 5 hours with eating and drinking so pretty good in my opinion. I dries on your lips like a stain. So it locks in the colour.
Overall: I am in love with this lipstick. Its an amazing colour, its seriously is worth the price tag and I cannot find any fault with it. I would recommend it to people who want to treat themselves to a little luxury. We all deserve a little treat right?



  1. I feel like I absolutely MUST try one of these Lancome Rouge in Love Lipsticks - This looks gorgeous!!! :)

    1. They are great lipsticks, so creamy and last for hours. Worth the price tag. :)

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