Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes


Hey Everyone. Was anyone else excited when Revlon announced Cream Blushes. Well I was, cause I love cream blushes. I nearly had a mini heartache in Superdrug in Wales, when I saw they were released. I grapped the three colours and threw them into my basket (makeup problems).
I do really like these blushes, The lightest shade ‘Pinched’ is very light and almost not noticeable but I feel it would makeup a gorgeous highlight for darker skin tones. However the other two shades the pink one ‘Flushed’ and the bright coral shade ‘Coral Reef’ are right up my street. Now I will say if you had to choose between the two Coral Reef is that extra bit pigmented but both are amazing.

They retail at £7.99 I’m not sure about the € price as I have not seen them in irish stores yet, well not in my local ones anyway. I will say they are on offer at the moment for £5.99.
The packaging is super cute, almost reminds me of Sleek Pout Polishes. And they fit nicely into your makeup bag. As mentioned above the pigmentation needs to be build up but not much. They feel amazing on the skin and last a good few hours. They also blend really easily. I really like these blushes and recommend checking them out if you are a cream blush lover.

I will leave you with some pictures and swatches.


Left to Right (Coral Reef, Pinched, Flushed)
Left to Right (Coral Reef, Pinched, Flushed)
Left to Right (Coral Reef, Pinched, Flushed)


  1. I really like the look of these. Esp the pink flushed colour. Its looks lovely

    1. Ya the pink one is lovely. They are lovely blushes worth getting

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