Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Where do I start with this review. Well I can assure you it is a positive review, very positive infact. I bought the starter kit in Wales in July with my friend Jess, she had told me she had tried a small tube and she loved it. My skin is the worst, it reacts to everything, and nothing seems to clear the acne. So I thought I try it and if I reacted to it, I would sent it onto Jess. However after a few days of using it I knew it was a keeper.

First off, it is hands down the best makeup remover in the world. I wear a heavy coverage foundation, so getting that off usually takes 5-6 cottons pads of cleanser. A total nightmare. I use two pumps of Liz Earle cleanser and it melts all the makeup away, leaving my skin super duper soft. Also it leaves no trace of any makeup on the face. Amazing! Seriously you have to try it to believe it.

Now onto what it else it has done to my skin. It leaves your skin super soft after use, but after a week of using it, I noticed my skin was looking clearer. I kind of thought it was probably just a conscience. However two weeks of using every night, my skin was looking amazing, well as good as it can look after suffering from acne for years. Since using it I have not had an active breakout. Except for when my monthlys came, but that was all.  I still have some acne scarring, but I'm working on it. This stuff has cleared my skin so much, I now apply less foundation and have so much more confidence.
I used up the starter kit pretty quick. Well three weeks. In the starter kit you get a 100ml cleanser and 2 Muslim cloths. Which are sold at £4 for a pack of two. I received my order this morning, this time I ordered 200ml cause it saves on shipping and waiting for it to come etc. However the service I received from Liz Earle was superb. I placed a order on a Thursday and received the products on Wednesday.
In that order I received a mini Cleanse and Polish  a new Muslim cloth and 4 samples of the new sheer skin tint. I was delighted.
I cannot recommend this product enough and if your on the fence about buying it, buy it, you won't regret it.

Liz Earle can be bought here with all the prices in a few currency's

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