L’oreal Caresse Lipstick In Aphrodite Scarelet

If you seen my post awhile ago where I compared the L’oreal caresse lipsticks and the Revlon lip butters, I thought the L’oreal Lipsticks won hands down. So While I was in boots I had to pick up another one. This one I didn’t actually fall in love with when I saw it, I actually got it cause I saw it in a programme and I was mesmerised at how pretty it looked on the actress. 
So being a nerd, I tweeted the show to find out what was the lipstick this lady was wearing, the show got back to me and told me the shade and brand, Off I pop to boots I went! I Love this colour, its so wearable for everyday and as I mentioned before these lipsticks are so moisturising. Which Is good cause I have dry lips, which will prob get worse as it gets colder. 
Now I’m not sure why its called aphrodite scarlet its clearly pink, Scarlet is meant to be red, either way I love it
Have you tried any of these lipsticks, what are your favourite shades? 

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