Nars Orgasm Blush

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Ok, so I'm totally late on the Nars band wagon. But that is simply because I have no Nars counter where I live the nearest is Dublin and thats 2 hours away. So while I was on holiday I thought it was time to invest in a blush. I arrived at the counter and was blown away at all the choice I had with blushes. They all looked so inviting. I was literally there 20 minutes swatching them all and debating which one to get.

I finally decided on Orgasm, its one of Nars top selling blushes and I had heard so much about it. It swatches lovely so I thought why not. It cost me £21 which I didn't think was a lot maybe cause I've paid €33 for a Benefit blush.

Usually I stay away from glitter blushes, the emphasise my pores and make me look horrible, However it swatched more like a glowy blush more than glitter. When I first applied it I was kinda on the fence about it. It was very sheer in my opinion and too glittery, so I changed brushes and I fell in Love.

So changing the brush changed my opinions on this blush, it now looked pretty and made my cheeks look healthy.

In terms of is this a must have blush??? In my opinion I don't think it is. I feel there is properly nicer blushes out there for cheaper prices and I kind of wish I went Sin or Desire as pinks are usually my think. However I do really like this blush. Its just I feel I can only wear it in the summer time. I can't see myself supporting shimmering cheeks in the winter. That is just my personal preference.

Since it was my first time trying Nars, I was impressed and cannot wait to take a trip to Dublin to buy some more. I feel this blush would look amazing on darker skin tones. It would provide a gorgeous healthy glow.

Just a little advice. If this blush is applied too lightly and with the wrong brush it can look like a child has thrown glitter all over our face. However I apply it will Real Techniques Buffing brush and the peach, pink colour comes through with hint of glitter.

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