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Hey everyone. When I heard Taylor released a perfume I knew I had to have it even if it smelt like poo. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan and I knew I had to get it. It took ages coming out in the UK and Ireland. When I was in Wales in July, It released, I ran to the perfume shop and bought it. I bought the 100ml as it was only £9 more than the 50ml so had to really. The bottle cost me £37.50, which is great value for 100ml. 

When you first spray the perfume It is quite strong, However it calms down and you can smell like vanilla, apple and almost honey like scents. I would class it as a fruity/floral scented perfume. It has sweet smell to it, I'm no good at describing perfume. So bear with me. It last a good amount of time on the skin. It is a nice summery scent but I can see myself wearing it in the winter. This perfume is a real girly scent. So if you like them type of scents you will love this. 

I have not seen this in Irish stores as of yet. Which bothers me cause I love it and will repurchase it again. So hopefully Ireland sorts itself out and stocks it. 

One thing I love about the perfume is the bottle. As you can see It is so pretty. It has a vintage look to it and looks so nice on your vanity table. The charms add a touch of Taylor to it in my opinion. Also in the light the bottle changes colour as you can see from the picture below.

I give this perfume 10/10 I am a huge Taylor fan so I can't find any fault. Lol

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