Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray

Hey everyone, I went shopping last Saturday and I was meant to be on a spending ban but that didn’t go to0 well, as you can see for this haul video linked here. I have now handed my bank card to my mum, its the only way I can stop buying stuff. I need to save. Anyway onto my review. I went into Debenhams as I noticed they had 10% off. I ran over the Urban Decay, because its my favourite brand in that store. I had initially wanted the ‘All Nighter’, However strange thing, the bigger bottles are cheaper than the original sizes. So I was looking though the stand looking for a big All Nighter and they didn’t have any. So I asked the lady and she told me they don’t sell the big version of the All Nighter, which is lies cause I have sprayed it myself before and enquired about pricing etc. Lying sales people, that or she has no idea what’s going on lol.
I decided to get the De Slick, I have kind of oily skin, so I thought it would benefit  it anyway,I just hadn’t heard many reviews about the De Slick and I always like to review expensive products before I buy them. That’s what blogs are for right? All in all it cost me €23.80 so bargain.

I have been using this for nearly a week, and I am in love. It literally makes my makeup stay in place all day. I have found lately that my concealer wasn’t lasting as long and my scarring was showing half way through the day, but with this I have looked flawless all day. As for the oil control. I don’t feel my skin is that oily where I could say yes this has stopped oil coming through, but it has kept my skin looking matte throughout the day, so I suppose it does control oil. I would love to test it out on super oily skin, to see if it does as it claims. Maybe now in the summer months, I will notice a big difference, but I really only wanted it to keep my makeup on and it has done that, so I’m one happy bunny.

I really would recommend this to people who are looking for a setting spray, oily people, this will work for you, and non oily people, I think it will still work for you, Not sure about dry because it probably has something in it to stop sebum producing, so maybe using on dry skin would be a no no. However the All Nighter is for all skin types and if you have super dry skin, they also do a Dew Me version, which makes your skin nice and dewy.
Have you tried this spray, or any other setting sprays?


  1. Was looking into buying this one, wasn;t sure what the difference is between this and All Nighter. Would definitely be worth it by getting the bigger bottle :)

    Emily x


  2. That's what I thought the small bottle is like 115ml where this is 177 so worth buyin the bigger one and it was cheaper


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