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*Last Tuesday saw the finale of  Revenge. So I got all prepared and made popcorn. What a finale as well, cant wait for season 2.
*Last night I made cupcakes, i just realised this is not in order lol. I’m so unorganised. Anyway I made cupacakes and put little flowers on top, to make them cute. They tasted good aswell.
*The picture of me is a makeup I did for a youtube tutorial, I am obsessed with revenge so I did a Victoria Grayson inspired look.
*This week Kenzie has got a new thing where he has to be sat at the table if someone is sat there, so he was helping me blog.
*Another picture of Kenzie, being nuts as usual. Love this picture.
*Just Kenzie taking it easy, I take too many pics of this dog.
*Omg, this Ice Cream from Lidls in amazing, its banana with chocolate and nuts, also its super cheap. Good old Lidls.
*This week I downloaded Taylor Swift Speak Now live album, Love it! I need to see her live.
*Last pic was actually last week, but I needed to throw one more in, It was a picture taken for a tutorial, Autumn lips!
Thats it. Leave me your instagram name in the comments. Mine is @laurenmariemua

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