Hot Chili Lips....Yes Please

I picked up this lipstick in the summer. I had read on a blog somewhere that 17 lasting fix lipstick in Hot Chili was a dupe for Mac Morange, now morange is one of those shades, I constantly swatch whenever I'm in a mac store, but can never justify spending €17.50 on because its such a bright, vibrant colour, I know I would hardly reach for it, so knowing that this could be a dupe, I thought why not pick it up for a mere £4.29. 

Well I do love this colour, its such a fun, bright colour and makes my lips pop like a can of pringles (that’s so not a simile). I know that I can’t really pull off red, orange lipstick, maybe its my skin tone, I’m not sure, but I feel it makes me look weird, however this shade, is perfect cause I think its more of vibrant colour than just your regular red.

In terms of staying power this is after called ‘Lasting Fix’ Lipstick, I would say this last around 3 hours prior your not constantly drinking and eating. So overall a good enough staying time for the price.

I also like the fact is more of a glossy lipstick rather than matte, this makes it wearable for even thinner lips folks. People with thinner lips usually stay away from such bright colours, but remember if its shiny and glossy, it will give the illusion of fuller lips so go for it.

In terms of being a mac Morange dupe, I think this lisptick is a little more red than orange, but its close enough. I still think Morange has that special something, so you maybe see it in a future post.

I recommend this lipstick, if your like me and can’t depart with the money for a Mac lipstick that you know won’t be used that much. For under £5 you can’t really go wrong
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