Blot That Oil On A Budget

Everyone loves a bargain right? Well I do. I picked these little baby's up in Home Bargains (english store) for 50p. No your eyes ain’t playing tricks on you I did say 50p. I know they ain’t a well known brand. I have never heard of The Beauty Parlour, but the packaging is quirky.

I have searched literally everywhere for the clean and clear blotting sheets but I can never find them. So while I was in Wales I came across these and thought why not try them out for such a good price. Well these blotting sheets are amazing. I bought 3 packets, mainly cause the fact Ireland does not have a home bargains so I was getting prepared that’s all.

I get oily on my t-zone. Mostly on my chin and this is where I see my makeup wear off first. These blotting sheets are really good, I was actually surprised. I just pop them onto my skin in a ‘blotting’ motion and hey presto, excess oil absorbed and I am now shiny free again.

Overall they are defiantly worth the 50p purchase. Even if your just curious at how these work.  
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  1. I spotted some like these, with a tin in my local Superdrug for just 10p!
    I love finding a good deal! xx

  2. This is a good deal indeed. This is perfect for me too since I used to have oily skin. I have tried other kinds before but after a couple of hours, my face begins to become oily again. I will try this one out.


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