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Hey everyone. Two Last Fridays ago I ordered some Sigma eye brushes from I had wanted to try some of the eye brushes from Sigma for some time. I have a few of the face brushes and I love them. So I bite the bullet and ordered some. I actually ordered twice from Cloud 10 Beauty as the first time the four brushes in the last picture were not in stock. So I had to place another order on the following Thursday they came the next day so I was super happy. Anyways. Just thought I would add if you live in Ireland or the UK and you really want to order some Sigma items then Cloud10 Beauty is a great site as its super cheap shipping, affordable prices and no custom charges. Win, Win all around.
Onto the actual brushes. The first load of brushes are a set that can be purchased for €55 or $52( if you live in the states). This set includes the following:
  • E55 - Eye Shading: Can be used to apply bases to the lid or colour to the lid
  • E70 - Medium Angled Shading: Used for applying colour in the crease and by blending colour in the crease.
  • E60 - Large Shader: I would use this to place colour all over the lid. Very handy brush for base colours. As it covers the whole eye.
  • E40 – Tapered Blending: Biggish brush used to blend out any harsh lines, Would not use it to blend colours together but more as a finishing touch, it all depends on your eye shape, if you have small eyes this brush will be too big for colour blending.
  • E30 - Pencil: Can be used to create a harsh crease line, also can soften out lines and can be used to add colour underneath the lower lash line to create a nice smokey look.
  • E05 - Eye Liner: Which can be used for use with eyeliners either gel or cake eyeliners.
  • E65 - Small Angle: Can be used to create winged eyeliner, or can be used for your brows if you want.
This set cost me €55 for 7 brushes, do I think its worth it? Well yes if you are getting started into buying brushes this set will keep you going and give you everything you need to create some great eye looks.
Now my second order I ordered 4 individual brushes. Here is a list of the ones I bought and there uses and prices.
  • E25- Blending: Used for blending out harsh lines and has amazing control with blending. €8.50/$9.00
  • E45- Small Tapered Blending: Create for adding colour to the crease and creating crease lines. €9.50 / $9.00
  • E20-Short Shader: Used to create a smokey look underneath he lower lash line also can be used to place colour in the corner of the eye. €8.50/$9.00
  • E35-Tapered Blending: Amazing for blending gives excellent results. €8.50/$11.00
So that’s the brushes that I bought and what they are all used for. Now onto the review. I have used these brushes since I got them on me and on clients as I wanted to get good use before I reviewed them. They are good brushes, Some better than others. I love the blending brushes the results they give are outstanding and I think if you are on a some sort of budget Sigma Brushes are a good choice because they are worth the money and will give good results. However people who claim they are cheaper alternatives to MAC Brushes, cleary don't own MAC brushes. In my opinion they are not as good as MAC Brushes, I feel MAC are in a league of their own even though they are so expensive. I only own around 9 MAC eye brushes and I love everyone. Its weird because from using the them I have a strange feeling that some of these Sigma brushes may shed, overtime. The E40 has already lost a few strands so its not looking good lol. However I think if you want decent makeup brushes Sigma are a good choice and I would recommend them. I am confident with them I will use them on clients. I think if you look after them they will last you a long time and you will enjoy using them. I just don’t think they are a cheaper alternative to MAC. That is all I am trying to say. If you have the money Buy MAC brushes, if not Sigma Brushes get a 8/10 from me. So why not treat yourself.
I will be using these brushes in my videos on youtube so If you want to see the results they give you can subscribe to my channel here.
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