Marilyn Monroe Mac Collection

So as you may know Mac have released the Marilyn Monroe collection, this is probably one of the most waited collection considering Miss Monroe is a icon in the beauty and fashion world, However I have heard such bad reviews about the collection. People have tweeted saying nothing stands out in the collection and the lipsticks are meh!
Knowing Marilyn's signature look it was obvious the collection was going to be some what pin up, from the pictures above(googled) you can see red lipstick, lip liners and black liner and wispy lashes. With these products surely you could create a Monroe look, but to me the products look no different to what is already available in mac and other brands.
In my opinion the packaging looks cheap, not very classy at all, I think they should have just done her signature on the packing and left it at that. What do you think?. When I buy something that is €20 upwards I want it to look expensive.
What are your thoughts on the collection, have you tried anything from the collection?
Question of the day- What is or was your favourite mac collection?
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