Caudalie Beauty Elixir- Is It Worth The Hype?

This product has been going around the youtube/blogging community for quite some time. Everyone seemed to be reviewing it, to a point where it was considered a must have product and a very hyped product. But is it worth it?

Well I ordered this after seeing it in a video for acne skincare. I bought the 30ml to try as I know my skin can react to almost anything so I don’t like to waste too much money on a product that ends up being trial and error. To my happiness I ended up not reacting which is good and I have been constantly using this for just over 2 weeks.

On first application the smell is very overwhelming and it can stink your eyes if you open them too quickly after spraying but over time you become immune to the smell. I would describe the smell as if someone threw a lot of fresh herbs in your face. It is quite strong, It also has a minty smell to it, I actually compared it to mouthwash when I sprayed it in the shop.

I usually spray this on my bare face before I apply any kind of makeup. I find this spray settles my blemishes and calms and soothes my face. It makes the covering up of my blemishes easier and quicker. I also think this spray adds a nice healthy glow to my face however unless you wear a light coverage foundation it doesn’t effect the effect of your normal foundation. I have switched to a lighter coverage foundation the last two days and noticed the spray has made my skin look more healthier.

People also have used this spray to refresh their makeup throughout the day, I hadn’t done that until I included it in my current faves. I wanted to test it out and see if what effect spraying over makeup would do. To be honest I wasn’t that impressed. I have found Evian facial spray gives a nicer, effect. Also spraying it on your face throughout the day can make the product very pricey.

The main reason I like this spray is because it settles my skin down. It makes covering blemishes easier and for that reason I would repurchase this product. Now onto the big question Is it worth all the hype??? I can honestly say yes and no. Its not a ground breaking product. I don’t see what all the so called hype was about. Don’t get me wrong, I love what it does for blemishes but if I didn’t have blemishes I don’t know what it would do for my skin. If I didn’t wear foundation It would defiantly add a nice glow to the skin, but foundation cancels all that out. I do recommend it to people who maybe have uneven skin tone, I find it helps my skin, and people who wear light coverage foundation but if your a girl who likes full coverage foundation, it won’t do to much to your skin.
The 30ml is €12.89 and can be bought in Boots or on Various Websites.
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  1. Great post!

  2. Hmmm...this seems interesting. I think I wanna try it out too because I have a few blemishes that I want to get rid off. Let's see it it works well with my skin.


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