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If you live in the UK, you may have heard about the brand Fashionista. They are a English company that sells customisable palettes, for a reasonable price. When I was in Wales, I knew I had to buy one after hearing so many great reviews in the Youtube community.

There is a huge range of eyeshadows and blushes to choose from so I spend some time picking the colours I wanted. It was a tough choice. Anyway the offer on was I could get the palette for £10 and fill it with four items. Bargain. So I choose two eyeshadows and two blushes.

From Light To Right. At the top I have my two eyeshadows. The first shade is called ‘Orchid’ shade 32. This instantly drew my attention as a great highlight shade. The next shade is called ‘ Trendsetter’, I picked this one because I loved the mineralized look to it almost like the mac mineralised eyeshadows. These are two great colours and look lovely together the blue shade comes out a nice royal blue with a hint of purple and a touch of sparkle. Very pretty and the frosty white shade comes out lilac with a high shimmer finish, very good for highlight. They are both very pigmented and last a good while on the eyes.

Next is the blushes, I am a huge blush fan. So I wanted something that was unique, However I opted for pink on the first one. But in my defense the pink is very pretty and barbie like. Its in the shade ‘Rose Thrill’, the next blush, again I was sucked in with the effect is my all time favourite, its called ‘London’ and let me tell you its the most amazing flattering blusher ever. I love it. Both blushes are very pigmented and need to be used with a light hand. They last well throughout the day and are so worth checking out. Even if you just buy ‘London’ you wont regret it. The swatch on my arm does no justice. Believe me its an amazing blush.

You can also buy these Fashionista little shadows and blushes individually and come in a nice little pot. They are £4 each or you can buy a palette and fill it up for £10. You can buy Fashionista in Superdrug.
Overall I think these are worth checking out if you come across them, I wish I went back and got some more shadows and made up a neutral palette. They have great colour pay off and I cannot recommend this brand enough.
Have you tried Fashionista? What are your favourite shades?
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  1. I love these, and I think they are such an amazing idea! I won one in a giveaway and I love it, although I want to get another one and fill it with blushes because the shades all look so gorgeous! :) x


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