Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Cream

After seeing this on essiebutton’s youtube channel, I knew I had to have it. I love anything that adds a glowy look to the skin. Having to wear higher coverage foundation due to acne and acne scarring, most foundations look dull on me so I relay on highlighters to give me that added glow. I usually use my beloved Mac MSF in soft and gentle. however after hearing some good reviews about Jemma Kidd all over radiance cream, I was intrigued to try it.

I am a huge lover of cream products, I just think they look more natural on the skin and boy does this look super natural and gorgeous. Its the most prettiest highlighter I’ve ever used on my skin. Its so natural. With the Mac soft and gentle, you can always tell its a fake glow as it contains a lot of glitter but I still love it. With the Jemma Kidd its way more subtle and looks more of a sheen with no trace of chunky glitter.

I have the shade Iced Gold. Its perfect for me as its not too gold because being pale can sometimes mean some highlighters are too gold and look way to fake and you end up looking orange. With this I don’t have that problem. If you have darker skintone, this also comes in rose gold which is meant to be slightly darker.
Now I know Jemma Kidd Makeup has gone into receivership, but you can still find this little beaut on various websites. I bought mine from Beauty Bay but I know its also available from Feel Unique.
I really think this is worth searching for, it is a really pretty highlighter.
Price: €20.45

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  1. Could you describe how you apply it? Please xx

    1. I either apply it a stippling brush like the real technqiues one or I apply it with a taklon brush. Usually a real techniques one xx


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