Sleek Contour Kit

I’ve been on the look out for a good contour shade for a while. I do love using my Natural Collection Peach Melba blush, but sometimes I just want super defined cheek bones. I picked this sleek one up after hearing through a few youtube gurus that it was a great little product. Also as a huge sleek lover. I knew I had to try it.

I have the light shade considering I am super pale. This shade works really well for me. Its not too orange in fact its not orange at all. Its super matte which is the only formula that you can use for a contour and It gives a great finish to the cheeks. The best thing about it, is the fact it works for pale skin, finding a light enough contour shade for pale skin is hard, you want it light enough so it doesn't look too fake but you also want it dark enough to add definition to the face.

It also comes with a highlighter which I will admit I have not used that much. I usually use my Mac MSF in soft and gentle but none the less its a nice highlighter its very natural. And works great if you have paler skin as its not too gold and harsh.

Overall I really recommend this little beaut. It is a great product and so handy that its contour and highlight in one palette, especially if you travel a lot.
Have you tried this? What are you favourite contour shades?
You can pick this up in Superdrug, Sleek.Com, and Cloud10Beauty.Com
The Sleek Contour Kit comes in three shades light, medium and dark.
Retail Price: £7.99 -€9.95


  1. I've been wanting to try this but soo unsure because it looks a bit dark still for my pale skin, but I might try it next time I order off Sleek!

    1. If you apply it lightly if your super pale it will be fine it's looks scarier than it is once its blended on the skin it's fine. If your stuck for a good shade for pale skin, I use natural collection peach Melba blush its a perfect contour shade.


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