A Tribute To A Loyal Friend

182077_1634762232873_1351216146_31592850_423951_nYesterday was a very sad day. I woke up to discover my dog of 19 years had passed away in his sleep. He was a Scottish Terrier named Scottie. He has been part of the family since I was 3. Scottie had been sick for a while, he had, had numerous of doggy strokes and had bad arthritis, it was no shock he was going to die however it was still painful. I’m writing this post to share a little bit of the memories I have shared with him. 36982_1360677540927_2434442_nI want to remember Scottie in the way he should be remembered. A playful, loving dog, who loved his family and loved snuggles. Scottie lived a great life. When we rescued him from a dog shelter, We instantly fell in love with him, I remember the day when we went to collect him. He dived all over me biting my ear. We bought him home and he settled in straight away. He got in to loads of trouble. He dug up the garden, destroyed the living room sheep rug, and ripped all the carpet at the door. But we still loved him. The funniest story we have of him, is the day when we were on Holiday in Cornwall, He always came on our caravan holidays. Anyway he was at the top of a huge mountain, chasing sheep and we called him cause we were going out and he dived from the top of the mountain, how he survived I never know. He liked to take risks. Growing up he was obsessed with Cats, he used to jump off the wall in our back garden trying to get them. He always went for dogs that were bigger than him, he saw no danger.
DSCF0377 (2)When we moved to Ireland we had Barney and the two of them were thick as thieves. The bond they created was so special. When Scottie lost his hearing due to old age, Barney helped him get around it was so sweet. When Barney died he grieved so much, I honestly think part of him died that day.
Scottie will be missed by all including Kenzie. If only I knew Monday night was the last night I would see him eat out of his blue bowl, or the last time he would fall asleep by the fire. I know that he is free from pain now and is happy with Barney up in doggy heaven, or where ever we go when we die. I am sad he is gone, as I know I will never see him again, However I’m happy he is better off now, not in pain and back to full health. I want to say a big thank you to everyone on Twitter and Facebook who left me lovely comments. I broke down big time yesterday and those lovely comments comforted me. 
(I love this picture, he slept with his tongue hanging out)
Rest In Peace Scottie. Love You Forever And Always xxxx

(Song below is dedicated to Scottie)


  1. Awh god love him. My baby had to get put down in February, so I know how you are feeling chick. She was almost 17... so not really a baby but she was my best friend and I am genuinely still heartbroken. Sorry to read this post and I am here if you need to talk. I know that not everyone is understanding and I even heard the words "its only a dog" a few times. Its like a wee part of you is missing :(

    oh, and the Rainbow Bridge poem was a comfort to me. Beautiful words.

    Hope youre ok! xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. thanks so much for this comment. Its been a tough week. I'm sorry to hear about your little baby. I lost a dog suddenly over a year ago and I honestly still have not got over it. It broke me big time. I don't think people realise how much of a impact animals make in our lives. I have read Rainbows bridge when Barney (other dog died) the words bought me to tears, They are beautiful. Once again, thanks for your kind words xxx


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