Jemma Kidd Signature Shadows

Jemma Kidd Signature Shadows
I ordered this palette on Asos it was on sale for €6.00 I thought Bargain so I quickly added it to my basket. Jemma Kidd makeup is usually expensive but since she has ‘bust’ so to speak, everything was on sale.
Now I’ve used this palette a few times since I got it. I love the second colour on the bottom its like the most prettiest colour ever so that has a few dents in it. The palette itself is a product that I think will be used a lot in your collection. The colours are great and wearable for everyday.
The only downside to this palette is that not all the colours are super pigmented and they don’t last that long even with primer. I applied them around 10am Monday and by 2pm they had started to crease a little and wear down quite a lot. If I had paid full price I would have been disappointed. However they blend like a dream and go on really well. They look very nice on the eyes, I even done a tutorial with them which I’ll link here.
Jemma Kidd Signature ShadowsDSCF5161Jemma Kidd Signature ShadowsDSCF5163
As you can see from the top row of swatches the pigmentation isn't great but the bottom row is a big improvement. I love the rose gold shade. Its like my ultimate favourite. I would love if I could get this colour in full size.
I am going to be a picky nicky here now, for a ‘high end’ branded product, the packaging is so cheap looking. Usually packaging sells me in seconds, but this is a big let down. Its rubbish looking. See through case with Jemma Kidd written on it. Not great. The all over radiance cream has way nicer packaging. So why this didn’t follow suit with its sleek black packaging I’m not quite sure.
Would I recommend this palette? Yes if you can get it on sale, if you had to pay full price, give it a miss and save your money.
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  1. I just got this as well, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. So it will be interesting to compare your review to my own thoughts when I have :) Bookmarking this post for now!


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