Revlon Colourstay Foundation Formula Difference

DSCF3195ASI have been a user of the Revlon colourstay foundation for around 3 years. I love the stuff it offers the best coverage for a drugstore product, while still leaving a natural look to the skin. I have always used the shade Buff in the oily/combination version, lately I have found it slightly too dark so I have been mixing a little of white foundation in it to lighten it and it does the trick. Buff isn’t the lightest shade in the range but the lightest shade Ivory is way too pink.  I recently have been suffering with a little of dry, dehydrated skin, so I have found the oily/combination way too drying for my skin so I decided to buy the normal/dry version. This is when I noticed the difference between the two and I thought why not do a post to let people now if they were undecided about the two.

Ok so here we go. The obvious and I mean obvious difference is the consistency. If you tipped both bottles upside down the Normal/Dry formula comes spilling out, therefore it is a lot thinner. Your properly wondering does that mean its less coverage and the answer is simply yes. The oily/combination version offers way more coverage. That being said the normal/dry version does gives good medium coverage and can be nicely built up to a full coverage. With the oily/combination version you cannot really built it up to fuller coverage as its quite thick and only ends up cakey if you apply layer after layer and to be honest I don’t think you could move you face if you layered it up. I certainly weren’t feel very comfortable.
Next is staying power. The oily/combination wins hands down for this, it lasts way longer than the normal/dry version. That didn’t bother me too much but I was used to having it on all day and still looking good when I went to take it off, I found my blemishes had come through around 5 hours into wearing the normal/dry version.

Ok onto the finish of the foundations. Oily/combination is a matte finish but not super matte, whereas the normal/dry is more dewy and glowy. I actually prefer the normal/dry finish. It looks really nice for those days you want coverage but don’t want to look like your all matted out. The normal/dry version has little shimmers in it but its really not that evident when you apply it, I only saw it on the bottle but not on my skin.
One last big difference and this might just be on certain shades but the colours are so different even though they are the same shade. I was a little left confused at this. From the swatch below you can see that the normal/dry is way more pinker that the oily/combination, now I understand it might be lighter because of the higher SPF but why do they change the undertone in it. Makes no sense. That is the only reason why I don’t think I will stick the the normal/dry version. The pinkness is too much. Especially when my neck and chest is yellow toned.

Overall I think if you are still left wondering what version to get. I will say this, if you have super oily skin, like I mean oily where you have to blot throughout the day give the normal/dry version a miss. It won’t last on your skin. Its very moisturising and if your skin is oily you don’t need to add more moisture. Also if you have more to cover like acne scarring or even active acne. I would recommend the oily/combination it gives more coverage and last longer on the skin the last thing you need is to spend ages covering acne then it fades off within a few hours of wearing.  If your in the middle where you need medium coverage and your skin is semi oily or even dry/normal I would go for the normal/dry version. It gives a nice healthy look to the skin.
So that’s the differences between the two Revlon Colourstay foundations I hope this helped. If you have any questions leave a comment below or tweet me @laurenmariemua.
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  1. Great review! Since I have oily skin I would go for the oily/combination. i think that is perfect for my type of skin. Hope it works.

  2. I actually find the normal/dry to be very thick. I have never used the oily/combination so maybe when you are comparing them together it seems more liquid.

    Great review though :) i think I might pick up a bottle of the oily/combinations as I do love a matte finish.



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