Kate Moss Lipstick In Shade 16


Lately I have be drawn to the Rimmel stnad whenever I head into Boots. I was never a huge Rimmel fan, their foundation were always too orange for me and their nail polishes always chipped so I kind of avoided them. However lately I think Rimmel has upped their game in the beauty world. They just keep releasing amazing products one after another. I have a few things to review (so keep your eyes peeled). Today though I am talking about the amazing, Kate Moss Lipsticks.
I picked up this shade on a whim. I didn’t even swatch it that they were on sale for €4.95 and I grapped the one that looked the prettiest. I got to say this shade is so nice, Its unlike anything I have in my collection. I would describe the shade as a coral, peachy pink. I can imagine this colour would look gorgeous with a tan.
The reason, I do love this lipstick is because it is so hydrating. I have dry lips that sometimes lipstick can make look worse. However with this little baby it leaves me lips looking glossy and full. Which lets face it, is what we all want.
I cannot recommend this lipstick enough. The texture, the finish and the colour tick all the right boxes. I also picked up one of the Kate Moss Matte range. Which will be reviewed soon.
Have you tried The Kate Moss Range? What are your favourites shades?
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  1. I'm surprised to hear that this lipstick is hydrating! I bought a Kate lipstick from her previous line and I found it incredibly drying! Maybe I'll have to give them another go! :) xxx

    Sugar and Spice


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