My Luxury 1st Hair Extenstions Review

Hello everyone today I have a slightly different review for you. I was sent a hair piece to review from a company called My Luxury 1st Hair Extensions. It is a company based in America. They ship worldwide and also sell on amazon. The company is owned by a lovely lady called Denyce who provides 100% real and remy hair extensions. Denyce also has a youtube and blog.
I was super excited to receive this hair piece as I am a total newbie to hair extensions and clip in etc. As soon as it arrived I popped it in, which is so easy.  It just slides into your hair and snaps into place and feels secure so there is no worry of it coming out.
The hair piece itself is purple. I was asked what colour I wanted and I said surprise me (I’m a big kid) and I think it complaints my hair tone very well. It adds a rock chic look to my hair which is nice for nights out or if I'm going for more edgier look. What I love about the piece is the fact its so easy to use and it looks so natural. Honestly cannot tell you how soft this hair is. If I was to have a full set of extensions and they felt like this I would be very happy. I have also styled this piece. I have straighten it and curled it with heat and it has not gotten damaged or anything. I am seriously impressed.
Taking a look at My Luxury First website, I couldn’t help but notice how reasonable priced they full set of hair extensions  are. Which is great that we can look good on a budget.
Overall I am super happy with this little hair piece, I like the fact I can change up my look anytime I want and I love how soft it is.
I want to say a massive thank you to Denyce for letting me review her products. I am very impressed and you have been nothing but lovely to me.
You can buy this piece and more pieces here.
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