My Top ‘Elegant’ Nail Polishes

If your like me and have short nails I always find the barley there nude colours can make the nail look longer and healthier. Now I do like to wear bright colours but sometimes they can just make them look stumpy. I love my nails to look groomed and elegant. So when I want that I turn to these four colours

Left to Right:
Barry M Nail Polish In Strawberry: A very pale pink that almost doesn’t show up on your nails unless you apply two coats. However it leaves the nails shiny and adds a nice natural colour to the nails that looks like your nails but better.
Essie Fiji Nail Polish: This is one of essie’s top sellers and I can see why. Its the perfect nude colour but it actually has colour to it. It gives the nail a nice creamy, milky pink look. The only thing I will say about this colour is it needs about 3 coats to look good, otherwise its too sheer and your natural nail shows through.
Revlon Colourstay in Pale Cashmere: This is the perfect shade. It gives the nails an elegant look leaving them shiny and healthy looking. The formula is amazing, the brush is perfect. I am seriously impressed with this nail polish. It also adds length to the nail which is always handy.
Nails Inc Elizabeth Street: Again this nail polish needs around 2-3 coats to look its best. Once its applied it literally last days without chipping. I had never tried Nails Inc Polish prior to this one and I was converted. The colour is that similar to the Barry M one however its more pigmented.
What are your go to shades? Are you more of a bright and fun girl or a pale and elegant girl?
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  1. Lovely colours, I really want to try Essie's Fiji polish as there are days where I'm quite happy wearing a nude.

    Splash of Grenadine is probably one of my most go to shades :) xx

    Sarah @ xx

  2. Beautiful colors. My goto colour is black xxx


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